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18 01 2007

Thu, 18 Jan 2007

Rad GNOME Presenters

Andrew Cowie and Davyd Madeley put on a good show for how to start writing GNOME applications in C and Java. Andrew in particular is an enthusiastic speaker, and understands that it's very difficult to choose which talk/tutorial to go to and sitting for ninety minutes and listening to one topic is sometimes difficult. I totally appreciate that. And, by Torvald's Trousers, he's fast at using UIs - watching in work in Eclipse makes you realise how good programmers can churn out a fully implemented file browsers in an evening.

I'm going to have to kidnap one or both of them and bring them to the CLUG Programmer's SIG meeting. This talk was exactly what the people at the PSIG that I've been talking to have asked for.

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I'm on the shirt that killed River Phoenix

In crowds, there's always someone heading vaguely toward you but heading somewhere else entirely. There are a whole lot of little protocols - not meeting their eye, negotiating a slightly different course - that allow a certain social space. So it's always disconcerting to have someone stride directly up to you - when they actually do mean to meet you and you've now been pointedly ignoring them. He pointed to my LinuxChix Miniconf "Standing out from the crowd" T-shirt and said:

"Where can I get one of those?"

I gave him Mary Gardiner's email, and whatever other methods I could remember of how to get in contact with her. But though it's a long sleeved shirt and it's a warm day, I'm totally chuffed to have got one now. LinuxChix roxxors!

(BTW, the title is a reference to TISM's popular song (He'll Never Be An) Ol' Man River, of course.)

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